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Welcome to the Home of Martial Arts

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


London Blackfriars

In the heart of Central London

The Foundry

St. Bride Foundation

 14 Bride Lane


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Every Thursday 19:00 - 20:00

Nearest Tube & Overground Stations:

  • London Blackfriars (5 minutes walk)

  • St. Paul's (10 minutes walk)

  • City Thameslink (3 minutes walk)

Walking Directions:

From Fleet Street take Salisbury Court. Turn left onto Saint Brides Passage, the Foundation will be in front of you (at the end of the courtyard). Ask at reception for The Foundry.   


At the centre of Surrey and South London

The Rumpus Room

St. Nicholas Church / Montessori Children's House

 34 Robin Hood Lane


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Every Wednesday 20:00 - 21:30

Nearest Stations:

Sutton (3o minutes from London Victoria & London Bridge)


The hall is directly opposite Gibson Road Car Park (just behind Sutton Library). Free parking is available on Robin Hood Lane. The Rumpus Room is on the ground floor, to the right of the entrance. 

Class Times & Locations

First Class FREE. All Classes £12. Student Discount Available. 



An evolution in Martial Arts.

Martial Paths combines all three categories of the martial arts: traditional, street-based self defence, and internal/spiritual, to bring an evolution to not just martial arts, but to self improvement and personal development as well.


You will learn everything you need to defend yourself from a blend of martial arts across the world. This will make you effective across all ranges of attack: from punching and kicking, to close-quarter combat, to grappling and submissions, to weapons. But martial arts is about much more than simply learning how to defend yourself. It is about actualizing your potential to become the very best version of you. Aristotle said that the highest goal for humankind is to realise the potential we all have within ourselves.

At the heart of Martial Paths is the concept of sanchin, the struggle to unify the mind, body and spirit. Through repeatedly training to improve ourselves (kaizen) we aim to improve our body (fitness, balance, timing, speed, body mechanics, hand-to-eye coordination), mind (memory, mental discipline, spatial awareness, resilience, perseverance) and spirit (mindfulness, meditation, internal energy cultivation/chi) to achieve an enlightened flow state (mushin). This state, what psychologists call 'flow', and what advanced athletes call being 'in the zone', is the highest level of martial arts, and of personal development.  

Martial Paths continues the legacy and philosophy of Bruce Lee: Having no way as way, and no limitation as limitation. This applies to our lives in general as well. The benefits you will gain in terms of self-confidence, assertiveness, mental discipline, inner calm and tranquility of mind are immeasurable. As Gichin Funakoshi sensei, the founder of Shotokan karate said, "the ultimate aim of karate (and martial arts in general), lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." 


Martial Paths Styles

Continuing the philosophy of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do to "Absorb what is useful. Reject what is useless", Martial Paths is an integrative style that blends elements of many different martial arts. It takes the most effective techniques from each and incorporates them into a cohesive, dynamic approach. Our style is very much grounded in Inosanto JKD, with a strong emphasis on the Filipino Martial Arts, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Savate and Wing Chun.     

Jeet Kune Do

Jun Fan Gung Fu

Wing Chun





Tai Chi

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Escrima / Kali / Arnis




Penjak Silat



Yasser Saffar has 23 years of experience in the martial arts. He is a direct, third generation student to Bruce Lee and is a Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts under Richard Marlow (full instructor under Larry Hartsell, Paul Vunak and Erik Paulson; assistant instructor under Dan Inosanto). Yasser has practiced Karate and Kobudo for nearly two decades, having attained his black belt in 2004.  He blends both the traditional and modern martial arts to bring a unique, innovative approach for effective self defence, fitness and mindfulness-based self improvement. 

Instructor Bio

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"Yasser is a very engaging teacher with a really structured and holistic approach. I've found the classes to be very beneficial and enjoyable, as well as really accommodating - particularly given the range of experience among the group, from total beginner to very advanced levels".



"Empty your mind. 

Be formless, shapeless,

Like water.

You put water into a cup,

It becomes the cup.

You put water into a bottle, 

It becomes the bottle. 

You put water into a teapot, 

it becomes the teapot. 

Now water can flow, 

Or it can crash. 

Be water... my friend".

Bruce Lee be like water quote

Bruce Lee

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Tel: 07470 705 859

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